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UICC Project ECHO on breast cancer control

  • 1.  UICC Project ECHO on breast cancer control

    Posted 08-27-2020 09:43

    Building on its engagement in the field of breast cancer to date, UICC is opening a call for applications to participate in a Project ECHO ® course on breast cancer, delivered in partnership with the NCI Center for Global Health and the Breast Health Global Initiative.

    Project ECHO is a web-based tele-mentoring programme that enables best practice sharing through combined case-based and didactic learning. This course, starting in October 2020, will provide training to cancer organisations in a virtual manner over a period of six months, strengthening their knowledge of breast cancer control and supporting the implementation of effective breast cancer control policies and programmes with the Breast Cancer Knowledge Summaries acting as a foundation for the course.

    The Project ECHO for Knowledge Summaries for Comprehensive Breast Cancer Control will strengthen the knowledge of participating organisations on how to develop and implement strong breast cancer control policies and programmes, with the objective to improve breast cancer outcomes in less-resourced settings. It is expected that participants to this Project ECHO will:

    • gain knowledge on how to apply the planning steps in the Knowledge Summaries;
    • reflect in teams to refine their activities and strategy in support of improved breast cancer patients outcomes;
    • be in a position to deliver stronger breast cancer control policies and programmes in accordance with their setting;
    • have access to breast cancer experts to provide individual feedback on questions and challenges brought to them;
    • network and share best practices with peers around the world as part of the Project ECHO cohort;
    • gain exposure by sharing their project with other participants;
    • engage in aligned UICC activities in the field of breast cancer (invitation to workshops, breast cancer webinars and other capacity building opportunities).

    UICC members leading breast cancer activities or ready to start doing so are welcome to apply over the course of the summer 2020. Introductory Project ECHO sessions will be held in September in preparation of starting the course. The formal sessions will begin in October 2020 and last until April 2021 through bi-monthly Zoom calls.

    Applications are accepted until the 28th August 2020, and the selected organisations will be notified in September 2020.

    Learn more and apply

    Sarah Bachmann
    American Society of Clinical Oncology
    Alexandria, VA