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Go to resource for research related information

  • 1.  Go to resource for research related information

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    Wondering how research staff at other institutions keep themselves abreast of the research-related information such as updates on clinical trial initiatives or technologies or new processes that may benefit your site? Do you often network/connect with other sites either formally or informally?

    I will share my experience but eager to hear from others - Until few years ago I was unaware of such resources available but since joining RCF, I have utilized RCF library. When necessary I also look into other sites such as CTTI. My biggest source is informal discussion with my friends, colleagues and mentors at national meetings. I try my best to attend the workshops during co-operative group meetings like SWOG etc. Last but frankly most relevant and current updates I get are through social media i.e twitter and facebook etc.

    Love to hear others thoughts!

    Ramya Thota MBBS
    Intermountain Healthcare
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Posted 28 days ago

    Thank you Dr. Thota for posting this reminder and call to action.  Our research community facing many challenges these days, some old (redundant work, feasibility challenges, strict eligibility requirements, and others) while others are new (Covid).  Other issues are old and only now are they being better appreciated and addressed (health disparities, clinical trial disparities).  As a community we can learn from each other and share best practices and concerns.  I will try to help promote these efforts and look forward to future postings!




    David  M. Waterhouse, M.D., MPH
    Co-Chair, Department of  Clinical Research
    Oncology Hematology Care
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
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    "Participating in a clinical trial is the first step to fighting cancer; not the last."

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  • 3.  RE: Go to resource for research related information

    Posted 27 days ago
    Dr. Thota,

    Interesting questions. I too find myself with information overload and struggle with finding deliberate time to do thoughtful work by keeping up with opportunities and explorative conversations. Historically national meetings provided the forum and protective time to do so and I sought out peers to provide feedback and resources (specifically interactive abstract sessions). These days I have found many centers are willing to share and have set up specific conversations on topics. For example, we were struggling a bit with the best way to capture adverse events in EHRs and many organizations were willing to set up calls and share their solutions. Our medical director and I also schedule a quarterly "retreat" thereby blocking our schedule do focus on a single issue or goal. During this time we split our day into background research will look to publications, ASCO library, and others to inform that topic and creative solution focused ideas. That then allows us to work in those site specific calls into our daily operations. Lastly, we recognize that we cannot be experts in all trial operations and have tried to bring in other physician champions and respective dyad administrative partners to be accountable for a certain element (i.e. quality, research documentation in EHR, access to trials, pre-screening tools, pathways, etc.) which has helped us lean on our research team to be experts in that specific topic and stay up-to-date on innovative solutions, national conversations and local practices.

    Not sure this is helpful at all but thought I would try to generate more correspondence on the topic.


    Therica Miller CCRP, MBA
    Hartford HealthCare
    Hartford, CT