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  • ASTRO Senior Health Policy Analyst Jessica Adams, CCA reminded me yesterday that: ASTRO does have a Fix Prior Authorization advocacy page, where members can reach out to their Member of Congress about ...

  • ASCO recently conducted a follow-up survey to assess the impact of the Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course (MCMC) held in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire in 2019. The MCMC was held in partnership University ...

  • Thank you for sharing, second the notion for grassroot advocacy and really like the idea of a repository/hotline or some other avenue for collecting/sharing patient stories with our lawmakers. ------------------------------ ...

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State Society Network  

The State Society Network is a place for members of ASCO’s State/Regional Affiliates to connect, engage in discussions, share information, and gather resources focused on issues relevant to the practice of oncology.


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Global Oncology Interest Group  

The Global Oncology Interest Group is a place for the global community of cancer care providers to connect, engage in discussions, share information as well as gather resources focused on professional development, funding, and opportunities that could benefit ASCO’s global oncology community.


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ASCO Research Forum  

The ASCO Research Forum serves as a go-to resource for all members of the oncology research community, including physician investigators, research staff, and those involved in community-based and academic-based research programs.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Forum  

An ASCO myConnection community on COVID-19, to which members may initiate and participate in discussions on how to address certain issues related to COVID-19. myConnection was built to provide members a forum to network and communicate based on special interests.


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