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  • Hi, I am Aju Mathew, practicing medical oncology in Kerala state in India. I am Board certified in the US, but relocated back home couple of years ago. I look forward to learning from everyone. Best ...

  • Great initiative ! ------------------------------ Arnab Basu MPH, MBBS University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, AL ------------------------------

  • I would like to connect with the research group. I've already filled the form. ------------------------------ Dante Julca Marin National University of San Marcos Lima ------------------------------

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ASCO myConnection provides members with the opportunity to collaborate, participate in discussions, ask questions, receive feedback or resources from peers, and build meaningful connections in the profession. To get started, click on the ALL COMMUNITIES tab in the COMMUNITIES drop down to view the communities that you currently belong to and those that you can join. To join a community in order to engage in discussions, simply select the JOIN button.

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International Medical Graduates (IMG) Community of Practice  

A community of support for International Medical Graduate (IMG) oncologists that provides mentorship, networking, and career building opportunities. This community of practice seeks to identify support opportunities for grants, build advocacy initiatives, and strategize about how to address barriers to IMG careers.


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Artificial Intelligence in Oncology  

A community of practitioners who are interested in integrating AI into their clinical practice and advancing the field of artificial intelligence. The goal of this community is to learn about new AI technologies that clinicians can integrate into their practice, garner input in the development of new technologies, crowdsource ideas for grant proposals, and/or engage diverse groups in discussions around the future of AI.


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Global Oncology Community of Practice  

A community of oncologists who are committed to oncology care in LMICs focusing on access to healthcare services, cancer prevention and awareness, affordable treatments, research and innovation, workforce training, and supportive care.


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State Society Network  

The State Society Network is a place for members of ASCO’s State/Regional Affiliates to connect, engage in discussions, share information, and gather resources focused on issues relevant to the practice of oncology.


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ASCO Medical Education Community of Practice  

A community interested in the science of medical education by facilitating collaboration, providing resources, and promoting research and scholarship in medical education to advance and disseminate cancer knowledge worldwide.


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Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) Community of Practice  

A community of support for AYA oncologists to share knowledge, facilitate collaboration, promote education and research opportunities, and strategize about barriers to success in the field.


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ASCO Geriatric Oncology Community of Practice  

A community to improve the care of older adults with cancer and their care partners through clinical education to promote geriatric oncology principles for all oncology professionals from trainees to those with well-established boundaries. This community of practice supports community building and networking across interdisciplinary teams and training pathways and advocacy to raise awareness of the unique needs of older adults with cancer throughout the broader ASCO organization.


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ASCO Survivorship Community of Practice  

A community of multispecialty and multidisciplinary individuals with an interest in promoting, evaluating, and implementing high quality survivorship care.


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ASCO Palliative Care Community of Practice  

A community interested in the issues at the interface of palliative care and oncology that span research, peer mentorship, program development, meaning, education, and outreach.


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Hospital-Based Oncology  

The Hospital- Based Oncology community is intended to connect oncologists around the globe who have chosen inpatient care as their career path.


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ASCO Research Forum  

The ASCO Research Forum serves as a go-to resource for all members of the oncology research community, including physician investigators, research staff, and those involved in community-based and academic-based research programs.


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Women in Oncology  

The Women in Oncology Community provides a networking space for ASCO Members to make connections with other women working in the oncology, share resources, focus on professional development, and learn about opportunities in the field.


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